Programs of the ALS Association Argentina

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> ALS Care Unit
The ALS Care Unit has the main goal of dealing with the population affected by the disease in relation to its diagnosis and treatment, facilitating multi-disciplinary intervention from different medical fields. Even thought it focuses on ALS’ pathology, it also includes alterations produced by other motor-neuron diseases.
Integral Medical Office // Health Insurance Providers

> ALS Community

ALS Community is the program that gathers patients, relatives and friends affected by ALS who share common grounds related to the disease and its consequences within the social environment.
These aspects in common result in an own identity, which differs from other groups and communities, it is shared, elaborated and socialized by members. The ALS Community is joined by the need of a shared goal; in this case, carrying out social, recreational and cultural activities, as well as incorporating volunteers for social and community work. Participation and cooperation of ALS community program’s members allow the realization of projects and activities.
Activities // Social Volunteering

> Legal affairs
ALS presents for its patients the same accessibility problems faced by people with disabilities. In ALS Association Argentina, we advocate the right we all have to access physical means.
We are convinced that the access to physical means promotes the exercise of rights and liberties in equal conditions, which is the starting point to reach full development of personality, the highest level of self-sufficiency possible and an independent life, being them every human being’s goals.
We want to provide an efficient tool for the equality of opportunities, aimed at social acceptance of differences, mutual respect and dignity.
Disability certificate // Laws in effect

> Logistical Assistance
Another important activity carried out by the Association is the supplies bank for logistical assistance. It consists of a loans service aimed at providing patients, who cannot access supplies support and/or face a situation of social vulnerability, with access to the most adequate instruments for the different stages of the disease’s progress.
Different ways of technical support are made available to patients.
They are utensils, devices or adaptations, products of technology, used to complement movements or aid functional limitations of handicapped people.
Our professional team permanently performs an evaluation of each patient in order to prescribe the most suitable technical support, which includes adaptation and training for its correct usage.
Feeding // Bath // Walking // Communication // Cervical support // Secretions control // Special furniture // Anti crusts

> Financial resources
The program consists of a set of activities to be developed in order to raise and manage funds and goods from people, companies, foundations and Public Administrations aimed at non-profit purposes.
This concept has special relevance in the last years because it enables our institution to have different financing sources that allow covering expenses and working independently while guaranteeing a better service to spread its mission within the community affected by ALS.
Members affiliation // Subsidies // Events // Donations

> Research and training
Within the framework of ALS Association Argentina’s mission, we plan, coordinate and manage resources for research destined to fight against ALS. In addition, we look for the establishment and development of research programs and training activities in this field.
Seminars // Researchers // Conferences // Medical congresses // Scientific promotion

> Information, communication and spreading
This program is mainly purposed to achieve greater specific spreading of the progress and results of our institution in relation to the mission that motivates us in our reason to be.
For such purpose, it is essential to establish a program of awareness and spreading that allows sensitizing society about the seriousness of ALS and facilitates the other activities/actions of our project.
Videos // Publications // TV shows // Photo gallery // Institutional Relations // National affiliates

> Federal Program
The essence of the program for the ALS Association is placed in the creation of institutions and processes that allow reaching a unity at national level that suits and increases diversity to achieve institutional goals.
The program offers solution to problems of ethnical, religious and social divisions. It is an answer to political and social divisions implied in the conciliation of interests, values and preferences.
Affiliates // State and Province Ministries // Patients national registry